There's So Much Noise In The Crypto Space Right Now it's Hard To Know Which Way Is Up...

But Don't Let All The Wanna-Be Gurus Stop You From Locking-In Your Share Of The Biggest Bull Market in History!

Right now Bitcoin is in a correction and the sceptics are saying it's all over. We're looking at the exact same data and seeing nothing but opportunity!

Over the last twelve months Cryptos have worked their way into the mainstream... and no matter what the critics tell you, they're here to stay!

Every week there's a dozen or more stories confirming this, over and over. Big business is buying Bitcoins. The biggest brands on the planet are accepting crypto payments. Whole Countries are declaring Cryptos legal tender.

Don't get me wrong, this is still early days and we've got a long way to go.

But that is exactly why we're so bullish on Bitcoin... and so many other Crypto Currencies.

Because right now, the small-time players like you and me, have so many options to accumulate Bitcoin and other cryptos either super-cheap or even totally free if you're prepared to do a little work.

I'm guessing you know all that, since you're already here exploring your Crypto Options.

What you might not fully appreciate though, is just how easy it can be to make money in this sector.

No experience or special knowledge required...

You see Cryptos and Blockchain are quite complicated and incredibly difficult to keep up with. But none of that means you should miss out.

There are countless ways you can start earning cryptos immediately. And I don't mean those pennies-a-day sites that suck the life out of you. But legit companies that will reward you well for your support.

After that, there are even more ways to put them to work and grow your holdings even faster. These are quite advanced and extremely powerful, but trust me when I say that they're not at all difficult to implement.

And then when you have so many Cryptos that you need to keep them safe and secure, There are long-term investment options that will do just that and keep making you money at the same time.

And that is the core of our 3-Step Crypto Strategy I want to share with you today.

And as simple as it is, I will encourage you to read this page very carefully, so you understand exactly what's on offer, what you'll need to do, and why it works so well...

This is the best possible time to be getting started with Cryptos!

You see Cryptos have taken a pounding recently, but that's to be expected.

Cryptos had made new all-time-highs earlier this year and investors booked some profits.

They sold some of their coins, the price dropped, and all the FOMO investors who'd come in late suddenly found themsevles on the wrong side of the market...

And they panicked! They sold off all they had and the price went even lower.

A classic shakeout of the market... totally normal.

What's also totally normal, is that once the dust settles, those same investors who sold at the top will be lining up again to start buying near the bottom.

And that has to be pretty close, which makes this as good as it gets, for anyone wanting to acculumate cryptos at a serious discount.

So when you follow the steps I'll outline below, you can start building a high-potential crypto portfolio for pennies on the dollar...

And because everything's so cheap, you can do it even faster than ever before...

Best of all... when things do start to turn, the value of your cryptos will sky-rocket!

How Is It I'm So Confident?

Well, the outlook has not changed!

Bitcoin is in it's Bull Market Phase.

And any Bitcoin price move usually drags any half decent cryptos along for the ride!

The recent drops were dramatic, but they were totally expected.

The fundamentals have not changed.

People will continue to invest in cryptos for all the same reasons they were a few months back.

Cryptos are here to stay and we really are still at the ground floor level. No one knows just how far this will go, but virtually everyone agrees on the direction... UP!

Soif you're looking to hget in on the action, you need a plan to get your hands on as many cryptos as possible now, before the price takes off again.

But Can You Really Generate Cryptos Online?

Definitely! ... as long as you can filter out the rubbish websites and focus on the credible programs that reward you well for legitimate activities, you'll find there are plenty of reliable ways to earn significant amounts of crypto currency.

Sites like our ICO Investment Platform that lets you share in their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) investments ...and has been paying out like clockwork since 2018. It rewards you for every referral as well the interest on your shares each week, so our savvy Members are quick to reinvest all those payments into extra shares as well.

Sites like this incredible Crypto Trading Bot that provides extensive tools and training, so even total newbies can launch their own automated trading systems, quickly and easily. You can start out earning generous recurring commissions on your referrals and then roll those over into your own trading portfolio to make even better returns.

Sites like this innovative Crypto Cloud Miner who's new approach makes cloud-mining profitable again. Even for the ultra-small investors. It also rewards you for getting the word out... which happens automatically with our Crypto Co-op... so you can easily leverage your efforts and build this one up to more substantial levels, really fast!

Sites like our preferred Crypto Exchange that pays $10 for each new sign up. Now some of our more experienced Members will already have this one, but as interest in cryptos continues to expand, more and more of our new Members... your referrals... will need this account, so that's money in the bank for you!

Sites like our Crypto Rewards Program that pays you a percentage back on any purchase you make through their affiliated eCommerce sites. (Paid in Bitcoin within 48hrs, totally hands-free!) These are big name retailers that you're probably already using. Just access the retailer through this link and you can generate cryptos on auto!

These are just a few examples of the kinds of websites we've already added to your Program Portfolio. Plus we're constantly discovering new websites to assess and test, so as we add each of those, your earnings potential increases proportionally, totally hands-free.

Most Important Of All...

You can earn on every one of these sites without spending a cent.

Simply by promoting Crypto Cash Co-op, you can generate traffic, leads and sales in each of our Portfolio Programs, earning hands-free commissions and bonuses.

This is true even if you're a totaly crypto-newbie,

Even if you don't understand how Cryptos work...

Even if you don't have cash to buy a Portfolio,

Even if every other program you tried has failed to make you a single dollar!

So is this starting to sound like a better approach?

Now that you're here, please take your time. There is a bit of reading here, but it is all important.

It's important that you understand what's on offer, what's expected of you and what you can expect from us...

It's also important because we don't want you coming onboard today unless you are 100% committed to working with us as part of the team.

OK, let's get to it!

So What Makes This Website Different?

There are a lot of get-rich-quick crypto-business websites out there making a whole lot of promises they could never keep. You'll soon see we aren't one of those.

There's also a lot of people pushing the referral programs for those websites, chasing that quick commission, with no idea if the program is ever going to to work.

We won't do that either.

In fact we do three key things differently to most of those, that might not seem that major at first glance, but they combine to make a massive difference to our outcomes.

We only recommend programs we've personally tested.
We only work with proven buyers and action-takers
We follow a simple, repeatable and proven system...

You only have to go through all the duplicate launch emails your inbox to know that most affiliate marketers never bother to try the products they promote?

You only have to look at your existing downlines in other multi-level programs to know most of your referrals are terminally inactive after they signup?

And the fact you're here, is proof enough that nothing you've tried up to this point has really worked for you?!

Well all that is about to change...

It's NOT Difficult To Make Money In Cryptos!

New Uses Everyday

The Blockchain technology that drives crypto currencies is being applied everywhere. It's not just high-tech, it will eventually touch countless industries in ways we haven't even thought of yet.

Just Getting Started

It's still in it's infancy and has Enormous Potential for Growth. Even beyond the halving, this thing is barely getting started and no one has a clue just how far it might go!

Low Cost of Entry

The cost of entry is virtually nothing... you can buy dozens of high-potential Altcoins for a few cents each. And if you want to speculate, you can go even cheaper!

Gold Rush Mentality

Businesses everywhere are clamouring for market share, so they're offering some of the most geneous affiliate programs ever. Programs that will pay you in cryptos!

I'll say it again...

It isn't hard to make money in this space... when you work only the Very Best Programs and the Very Best People in a Simple Repeatable System.

Introducing the Crypto Cash Co-op

The Crypto Cash Co-op has been built from the ground up, to identify the best new crypto programs and bring in the best people, to apply a simple, repeatable marketing system to this incredible new opportunity.

  • Instant Crypto Portfolio

    The Crypto Cash Co-op gives you instant access to a Portfolio of Crypto Generating Programs that have been extensively-tested to ensure the actually Generate Revenue AND Pay Out as promised. We won't recommend any program until we've put our own money in and had a cash payout!

  • Multiple Revenue Streams

    Many of these programs generate cryptos outright, while others pay you commissions on sales of products and services (all items that our Members will consume). You leverage both by growing your network of users in all of these programs, so over time you'll be able to generate dozens of independent passive revenue streams.

  • Ground Floor Opportunities

    You also get access to our Watchlist. As soon as a program passes out initial reviews and we sign up, we add it here so you can get in early, just in case. We won't recommend investing in any program until it passes all our tests, but we don't want you to miss any winners while we wait for results!

  • Action-Takers Only

    We are selective about who we accept, so you can be confident that the people you do bring in will be ready to do the work required to make things happen. We are a paid program only, so there's no window-shoppers wasting your time, or freeloaders expecting you to do it all for them. You'll only recruit buyers, ie. the kind of people that make downline builders profitable.

  • Simple Repeatable System

    You can create your account today, set up your portfolio and be totally ready to go. Then you just promote your entire network with one easy link. We've stripped it back to include only the essentials you'll need for promoting your pages, building your network and making money.

  • Advanced Training & Strategies

    While the system works great on auto... leveraging your efforts and compounding your results repeatedly over time... we do provide advanced tools and training for those who want it. Once your portfolio really starts to grow, be sure to check these out to keep your cryptos working for you!

Now on the surface this probably looks like a lot of other Downline Builders, but I can assure you ours works so much better than most, because we consistently do just three simple things...

Filter out the LOSERS, Invest in the WINNERS and Sign-up BUYERS

Not Just Another Downline Builder!

Most Downline Builder programs fail miserably, because everyone has the same idea: They plan to make some money before they invest!

But if everyone does the same thing...

No one ever invests...

So no one ever earns...

So no one ever invests...

No matter how many people you bring in!

So eventually you realise, all you've really done is build yourself a big, worthless list of freebie-seekers.

Well, we've fixed this with two important changes:

We Only Include Quality Programs Our Members Want To Use!

We Only Take People Prepared To Invest In Themselves!

We only work with Proven Action-Takers: people who are prepared to invest time, effort and money to get the results we're offering.

And the programs we include are thoroughly tested, proven earners... so our Members Can't Wait To Invest!

Some are already impatient for us to add more programs, so they can invest more...

Which of course means more commissions for you...

As long as you're of the same mindset and prepared to make a real investment of time, effort and money to get the ball rolling?

So to be blunt, if you're looking for a free-ride, you're in the wrong place.

Because if you decide to join us today:

WE ARE going to ask YOU to do some work AND spend some money

Before you click that back-button though, let me explain why our joining fee is good for you.

It means EVERYONE here is serious about making this work and prepared to invest real time, effort and money in their business.

They are signalling their commitment to working the program and growing their own network... which is also a part of your network.

That means you can confidently invest your own time, effort and money in recruiting new people...

Safe in the knowledge that they are going to work the system too... and add to your own bottom-line.

My Most Successful Failure - Why Free Doesn't Work!

A few years back I set up a downline builder program that let people grow downlines in about dozen different crypto and cash generating programs.

It's still going strong today with over 3000 members!

We wanted a system that required no out-of-pocket expense so we included a few simple options to generate some initial cashflow... thinking our Members could then re-invest that into the paid programs.

And to motivate everyone to keep at it, we ran extensive (and expensive) advertising campaigns to reward everyone with extra signups as they progressed through various levels.

And it worked a treat... for some people.

Those who did the work and kept re-investing their profits quickly generated some handy income. While those who were able to invest some cash up-front got there even faster…

But for all that, 95% of the people who signed up did absolutely nothing!

And that includes a lot of people who had dozens of co-op referrals placed in their downlines for them... even that wasn't enough to motivate them to spend a few bucks on their first upgrade!

As a Downline Builder, the program has produced some amazing numbers, but...

As a Crypto-Accumulator, it was a dismal failure.

No one spent anything, so no one made anything.

In hindsight, the free-entry was the fatal mistake.

Most of the people coming onboard had no real commitment to the program and were soon off chasing the next shiny object.

It also forced the rest of us to waste far too much time, effort and money, recruiting people who are NEVER going to do anything with it.

So now with Crypto Cash Co-op we’ve taken everything we’ve learned and created the ultimate Crypto Generating Machine!

  • We know exactly what to look for in a winning program
  • We also know how to weed out the losers and scammers early
  • We have a powerful proven system that's easy to use
  • We are much more selective about who we work with
  • We've gone all out to simplify the entire process
  • And we've stripped out all the clutter and distractions

And that means we can take you onboard, and get you fully set up and operational in no time at all, regardless of you online experience or knowledge of cryptos.

If you can fill out a web form, you can use this system.

It also means we are even more confident in promising to generate results like you've never seen before. If you do the work to grow your network here, you will make money. It's as simple as that.

Now That's A Big Call, So Here's Our Commitment To You...

1. We will Test, Review and Update Our Portfolio Constantly

In the past we held off making program changes too often, to try and keep things simple for our Members. In hindsight, we weren't doing them any favours.

The Crypto Cash Co-op system is much more flexible, so we can upgrade or downgrade any program in the portfolio instantly, without creating any more work for you.

2. We'll Always Put Our Money Up First!

We will never recommend ANY program as a Buy-Now until we've put our own money in, made a profit AND made a successful cash withdrawal.

We’ll list all new programs we join on our Watchlist so you can get in early... we don't want you to miss out on any winners while we do our testing... but this way you can hold onto your cash until we get that confirmation that everything is on the up and up.

3. We'll Be 100% Transparent On The Bad Calls

We will do our best to weed out all the scams and losers early, but there are sure to be some programs that look great and work great... for a while. Sometimes even good programs just stop working and disappear.

So any time we do get it wrong... or suspect we might have gotten it wrong... we will let you know everything we know, ASAP.

If we ever have any concerns... or our Co-op Members report any issues... we’ll investigate immediately. If there's an issue that impacts our confidence in the program, we'll downgrade the program and alert you, so you can assess your own situation.

We’ll keep your downlines intact in case the issues are resolved, but we won't ever recommend a Buy-Now on any program that we aren't 100% confident in.

4. We’ll Only Ever Work With Buyers

The membership fee is mandatory and there won't be any secret giveaways or special coupons to try and bump up the numbers. You can be confident that EVERYONE in your network will be proven buyers and action-takers...

So you'll know the time and effort you invest in finding new people is actually worth it!

5. 100% of Entrance Fees will be reinvested in Co-op Advertising

We’re not in this to sell memberships!

So we'll be putting your payment straight back into growing the Co-op. We'll buy advertising for the whole group, with all sign-ups being shared randomly among active Members.

You will still need to promote your own links yourself, but this might get you a nice bonus from time to time!

So you can see, we are in this together for the long-haul. Your success will ensure our success, so the Co-op label is more than a brand. It's a symbol of our commitment to work with you to make this happen.

How Your Crypto Generating Programs Work...

Your crypto-program portfolio is a hand-picked selection of referral programs that all generate some sort of crypto-related revenue.

  • Some share profits from staking pools.
  • Some trade currencies on your behalf.
  • Others use automated trading bots.
  • Some invest in new ICOs.
  • Others provide business services.
  • Some sell advertising and marketing.
  • Most have their own unique combination.

Your portfolio provides a balanced mix of innovative new-tech business models that generate revenue through various activities, as well as more traditional businesses that pay you commissions on in-demand products and services.

So You Have Multiple Ways To Generate Real Crypto Wealth

Some programs pay you commissions in crypto-currencies... so you will keep adding to your holdings.

Other programs will grow your Crypto deposits through their own unique formulas for trading, staking, investing etc.

Plus we'll be adding new programs with new business models to add even more revenue streams to your crypto portfolio.

And of course the value of all of these will skyrocket over time as the crypto bull-run continues.

Why Should You Trust Our Selections?

Cryptos ARE high-risk, but that is why the returns are also high. So our goal is to manage that risk through careful research, hands-on testing and constant monitoring. So the key to our success is to ruthlessly seek out only the very best programs in the first place... here's what we look for!


The programs we love here are those that might pay a little less, but keep on paying long-term.

Easy Payouts

So they have a track-record of paying out promptly every time, no fuss, no dramas, no excuses...


They have easy options to re-invest your profits so you can scale up your holdings.

Sample image

They put a Dollar Value on your holdings, so you can measure your progress in real terms.


They work with exchange-listed cryptos, so you can actually use your profits immediately.


They have an underlying product or service that has a legitimate purpose and real-world value.

So that’s our Crypto Cash Co-op in a nutshell!

We work together to promote a series of tested, proven crypto programs, so you can grow a strong downline in each, to multiply your returns and achieve your goals so much faster.

There are no free-loaders or tyre-kickers... the people who join you will be proven action-takers who are prepared to invest time and effort and money, to make this work.

Your downlines will be an asset with real value, and able to generate real commissions faster than you ever thought possible!

Your portfolio will be packed with a diverse selection of tested and proven programs, with a track record of generating profits.

Some will always be better than others, but we'll be aiming for modest returns from as many as possible... and if even just a couple of them really take off....

Already we have several high-quality programs in the portfolio that been growing and paying out consistently for quite some time. Moving forward we'll be looking to replicate that... over and over again... with each new program we add to your portfolio.

So when you come on board today:

You’ll get immediate access to those proven winners,

Plus all those new programs that have passed our initial testing,

Plus you can get in early on those that are still under review…

All of these programs are 100% free to join. You can sign up immediately and save your User IDs here, and get to work promoting your CCC network, until you are ready to start upgrading.

We'll give you all the information you need to model our success... and we'll encourage you to get in quickly on the winners we uncover... but you are always in the driver's seat, so you decide when to move on to the next step...

What Can You Do With Those Crypto Profits?

As your profits start to grow, you'll want to keep moving them out of the various programs and into more secure locations.
But that doesn't mean you have to give up the ability to earn...

Exchange-Based Funds

There's some really good options we'll share for putting part of your holdings into staking pools and other income generating activities that offer a good return on a secure crypto investment.

As more cryptos move away from Proof of Work and mining, there'll be a lot of new opportunties for this style of investment, and we'll be ready to test and review these for our Members.

*** While we cannot offer financial advice, we will share our personal research and explain how that is shaping our own investment strategy... how you use that information is up to you!

Buy & Hold Low Cost Cryptos

I like to split my holdings between Bitcoin, some of the other majors, and a selection of low-cost Altcoins. Then I can then keep the whole lot in secure cold storage using desktop and hardware wallets.

As a special bonus I'm also going to share my personal Buy-Now list of Low-Cost Cryptos. These are all exchange-traded Altcoins I've found that have a great underlying business model, a legit real-world application, strong community support and massive upside potential.

I'm currently buying these for pennies each, or less... and while some might never go anywhere, any one of them could be the next Bitcoin...

So ideally you'll keep a portion of your funds working in the Exchange Pools, while you gradually move the bulk of it into a diverse mix of Major and Minor Cryptos held in your most secure wallets.

As the bull-run kicks in, most of these should increase in value significantly... all in totally secure storage!

Is That Sounding Like A Better Plan?

Doesn’t that sound better than investing time, effort and money in promoting random crypto programs that might not ever deliver?

Doesn’t that sound simpler than joining every flash new program you encounter, trying to cover all bases, just in case one of them turns into a major winner?

Doesn't that sound smarter than trying to work it all out for yourself, doing it all on your own by trial and error?

With the Crypto Cash Co-op, you build downlines in all of these programs, quickly and easily, and then you choose to invest only when you are ready.

As your revenue streams start to grow, you decide when to roll over your profits, when to move some of them over to some Exchange-Based Investments... and when to cash out and buy into hard cryptos you can keep in your secure desktop or hardware wallets.

Don't Know What Cryptos To Buy & Hold? We've Got You Covered!

Member's Bonus #1

Crypto Tracker & Buy-Now List

As a special bonus, we've created a dynamic listing of high potential cryptos that are currently under-priced. We'll share all our research so you can decide if you want to own some too.

We update this constantly as markets and prices change, and as we uncover new bargains... or our Members discover their own hidden treasures.

Many of these are still priced at less than $0.10 each, so it's a great way to enter the market and maybe catch a major winner!

Member's Bonus #2

10 Step Viral Traffic Plan

We're also including our Top 10 Viral Websites for creating an ongoing flow of visitor traffic to your Crypto Cash Co-op referral page.

These are powerful sites that we use ourselves and we'll also share our tips for generating Set-and-Forget traffic systems.

Member's Bonus #3

Fast Start Traffic Boost!

We want to make sure EVERYONE who comes onboard, gets the results they're after. So we split our Co-op traffic into two pools. Half is shared among new members, and half is shared among everybody.

As soon as you're Fully Set Up and Sending Traffic, we'll add you to our special Fast Start Traffic Rotator. Your page will show there until you get your first 3 referrals.

After that we'll move you permanently to our Member's Traffic Rotator, where your pages will continue to be randomly shown to visitors from our Traffic Co-ops.

You will still need to promote your page yourself, but we figure some fast results like this can often be the best motivation there is to keep at it!

Now I did mention earlier that this is a paid package...

Well the good news is, we've kept the payment super-affordable so anyone who's serious about this can still get in and get started today..

In fact, you can get full access to the entire package and get started immediately for a one-time payment of just $27... .

And remember, every cent of that will go into our Co-op Advertising campaigns.

So you can choose an option below to get started...

Get Instant Access Now

Yes Brad! I'm ready to launch my own crypto portfolio today. I understand I'll get full and immediate access to:

The current Buy-Now list of fully-tested Crypto Generating Programs.
The current Hold-Watchlist so I can get signed up with those as well and start building my free downlines while we wait for final confirmation.
The Crypto Tracker list of High-Potential, Low-Cost Cryptos that are currently in the bargain bin!
Full access to All New Programs and reviews that are added in the future.
Full Documentation and Easy Instructions for creating the required accounts and managing my growing crypto portfolio.
10-Step Viral Traffic Plan to promote my Crypto Cash Co-op link.

We use Stripe to accept credit cards, GooglePay and ApplePay. Your payment will be
handled securely and we'll get you started as soon as your payment is confirmed.

See you on the inside,

Brad Stephens,
Crypto Cash Co-op Founder

P.S. This is a modest one-time payment for life-time access to a platform that could be life-changing. But if you've read this far, then I am sure you already know that!

This form is the only way to access to our exclusive system.

There are no free access options... you won't find any coupons or discounts being offered anywhere. There won't be any pop-up offers when you leave. This is it.

Buyers only. Take it or leave it.

I'm not going to insult your intelligence with any fake scarcity or urgency either.

Take as long as you want to think it over and come back later if you must. We're not going anywhere.

In fact... please don't come onboard today unless you are 100% committed to working the system.

Just know that when you do...

Every Single Person you bring in is going to be on the exact same page as you... they'll be action-takers and proven buyers.

And when you take those kinds of people into a powerful portfolio of proven crypto-earning programs, you can be 100% confident that they will do the work, promote the site, grow their network, upgrade programs and buy stuff...

Which is all money in the bank for you!

Which is why that small payment above is SO important!

P.P.S. If you have questions, you’ll find our Frequently Asked Questions below. But if you’ve read this far, then it’s clear you’re the kind of thoughtful and deliberate person we want to work with… and that you see the potential and like our approach…

So I’ll encourage you to just take the plunge and get started already!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

The minute we lose confidence in any program in our portfolio, we will drop it’s rating from Buy to a Hold. Your referrals will still be encouraged to sign up so you keep your downline growing, but we won’t list it as a Buy until the issues have been resolved and explained to our satisfaction.

If it becomes clear the program is a dud or a scam, we’ll blacklist it immediately… we’ll drop it entirely from the downline builder, and recommend no one touches it! You can continue to promote if you don’t agree with our assessment, but this site will only work if we are ruthless and our Members know it!

Definitely! You can suggest new programs anytime. If we're not already involved… and it passes our initial assessment… we will join under you and test it out.

If it passes our tests, we will add it to our roster here and you will have the entire Crypto Cash Co-op network in your downline! (So you should definitely keep an eye out for great new crypto products & services!)

Just be aware, we'll probably have multiple people recommending the same program, so we’ll make sure we sign up under the first person to notify us… So if that’s not you, it just means someone else got in first!

You don't need any special skills or knowledge to set this up. If you can fill out a web form and click submit, you can do this.

You will need a Crypto Wallet, but we show you how to set that up at the very first step. After that it's just filling out some more forms and then promoting your link.

Once you're set up we've got lots of crypto-related resources if you want to learn more.

We’ll we’ve been at this for a while and we’ve got a pretty good nose for BS. So a lot of the time a quick look at the website tells us all we need to know.

If a site passes that test, we’ll sign up, study the documentation and then do some online research into the website and the founders. We'll spend several hours on this and if there are no alarm bells after that, we will make a small cash deposit to test the system.

We will add the new program to our portfolio at that stage as a Hold, so our members can get in immediately and establish a downline.

We won’t upgrade it to a Buy, until we’ve earned enough to make a successful cash withdrawal. After that, it is entirely up to you whether you invest or not, or how much you want to risk on it, so you should still complete your own due diligence.

We certainly have in the past and we probably will again!

We do our best to eliminate any questionable programs during our reviews, but there is always a chance that any program might stop working for any number of reasons.

So we recommend you wait until we get our own cash withdrawal before investing yourself. And you should always aim to scale in with a small deposit and increase your stake by reinvesting profits rather than just investing your own cash.

It should go without saying...there’s no guarantee… past performance does not guarantee future results… so you should proceed with caution and only ever invest funds you can afford to lose!

(And always lock-in a portion your profits regularly, just in case things change!)

Our co-op approach is designed to minimise your risk as much as possible... but we will never claim to have eliminated it altogether.

Cryptos are high risk by definition... but that is why the rewards can be so high. If you want the high rewards you have to be prepared take on some risk...

Our goal here is to manage that risk as effectively as possible!

Not at all!

Legit referral marketing is a powerful way to promote products and services, and is particularly popular online.

Where the alarm bells start going off is when the business requires you to buy something before you can promote it, or any time you are only earning from the sign-up fees your referrals have to pay...

So every program in our portfolio is totally free to join and promote. And just as importantly, you earn your commissions on the purchases, transaction fees or actual deposits of your referrals.

We also look for a genuine benefit to buying the product or service on offer, without taking part in the affiliate/referral program.

What we do look for from the affiliate program, is the ability to seriously leverage your efforts with a little extra work. We understand that most people coming though here probably have more time than cash right now, so we want programs that will reward you for helping them grow!

That is legit referral marketing and we are totally happy promoting those programs.

Sure, that's inevitable!

Bitcoin is a highly-volatile asset and it can make big moves in both directions at any time. A very high proportion of crypto trading is speculative, so after any major move up, some people will always take some profits... so you'll get a similarly strong move back down.

There's no reason for concern though, because it's only after the drop, that those same traders are going to get back in... and the price goes up again.

If your strategy is to buy-and-hold, then you can pretty much ignore these 'technical' moves because the fundamentals suggest the long-term trend is up.

News and events will bounce the price around along the way, but essentially, demand is increasing, supply is decreasing... and in every market on earth, that means that price will go up.

So we're here to earn, buy and hold... and wait for that move to unfold!